10 Hyggeligt Bedrooms

Earlier this year, we bought all new bedroom furniture from Ikea. Everything has that crisp, clean Scandinavian style that I love, and everything is white, so it’s bright and happy.


The intention was to get new bedclothes too, so that the transformation would be complete. But we haven’t gotten those yet because I’m picky and I haven’t been able to decide how to decorate. (I mean, I wanted to use millennial pink as an accent color, but Wesley was quick to say no on that one. Oh, well.) I mean, I know what I generally like, but narrowing it down is tough.


So help me pick! I present to you 10 gorgeous bedrooms, sure to induce feelings of hygge. What do you like? What do you hate? What would you tweak? And while you’re at it, do you have favorite brands for bedding and home decor? Decisions, decisions…


1. Love these pops of color.


2. Can’t resist a sheepskin.


3. Reversible patterns!


4. Maybe I need a big plant.


5. Is this too pink?


6. A little darker palette.


7. Contrasting patterns!


8. I like the throw pillows.


9. Love the rich accent colors.


10. I like the Southwestern-y print.

One thought on “10 Hyggeligt Bedrooms

  1. Primarily white bedding, maybe with a faint pattern or patterned stitching, with just one or two pops of color in pillows or blankets. I’m always partial to mustard (obviously) which pairs well with teal.

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