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Warning: this is a pretty long blog. I’ll add a TL;DR at the bottom. Meanwhile, read on for a 2020 Planner printable.

Ever since I decided to start trying to be Real Adult™, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with keeping a planner. It’s pretty much the only way for me to keep track of appointments, to-do lists, etc. And yes, I know that there are phone apps for this, and I’ve even used some successfully, but writing things down with pen and paper has proven to be the best way for me to remember them. Something about connecting my intention with my body while my pen glides over the page helps things stick in my brain better.

I had an AMAZING planner for 2019. I picked it up at Target, and it just had everything I needed. Large spaces for writing (I have very loopy handwriting), monthly calendars, and my favorite part, blank space at the beginning and end of each month. I used these spaces to draw my Animal Spirit (as determined by doing a year-long spread with the Animal Spirit deck from The Wild Unkown), and it really helped me focus my energy at the beginning of each month.

My Animal Spirit spread for 2020. January is the Whale at 12 o’clock, and the year moves clockwise from there. The middle is my overall animal energy for the year.

I went to Target to look for the same planner for 2020. No luck. I googled it only to find that the company wasn’t making it anymore. Thus began the Great Planner Quest of 2020. I looked EVERYWHERE: Target (again), Office Depot, CVS, Amazon, Pinterest, TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, some specialty gift and stationary stores in town, and some online shops that some friends recommended to me. I found a couple of planners that got *close* to what I wanted, but nothing was quiiiiite right. So I did perhaps the craziest thing of all: I created my own.

I spent four solid days with Pages open on my laptop, reminding myself of everything I’d ever known about using tables, and googling everything I didn’t know. It was INTENSE. But in the end, I had a planner that I really liked, and now I’m going to share it with you! Yes, it’s already February, but if you haven’t yet found a planner, hopefully this one helps.

Since I’m currently obsessed with crystals, they feature prominently in this planner. The divider pages are gorgeous, full-color photos of crystals. (The photos came from Canva, so everything is fully legal to use.) The general table of contents looks something like this:
>> Cover Page
>> ID Page (with room to fill in your name and email address)
>> Small, full-year calendar
>> Inspirational coloring page
>> 2020 Goals & Projects
>> Blank pages for notes and/or doodles
>> Monthly calendar (Featuring each month’s birthstone to color, as well as a description of its properties; a space to focus on personal, professional, and artistic goals; and space to write down books that you finish during the month.
>> Monthly trackers (Helps you track wellness, health, and personal habits)
>> Monthly Moods & Moons chart (allows you to fill in moon phases and track your mood with colors of your choice)
>> Weekly spreads (Inspired by the Passion Planner, each week has an inspirational quote and an idea of how to use it in your life that week; also features a daily water intake tracker and space to write a daily highlight and affirmation, as well as a weekly Chore Tracker.)
>> Monthly Reflection pages (Also inspired by the Passion Planner, it asks questions to help you reflect on what you accomplished over the past month.)
>> End of the Year Reflection pages (Very similar to the monthly ones, just on a grander scale.)
>> Dot grid pages (Provided at the end for any note-taking or bullet journal-esque things you’d like to do.)

Now, actually constructing this thing takes some doing. I used A5 sized pages, so that’s what I’m providing here. It may or may not scale to letter-sized pages; I haven’t tried it, so if you give it a shot, let me know if it works. If you take a letter-sized sheet of paper and turn it so it’s landscape instead of portrait, it’s the same size as two A5 sheets. (Does that make sense?) So you’ll have to make sure you check your printer settings before you start printing. You want it to print double-sided and two pages per sheet. Then you’ll have to cut each in half, unless you know fancier binding tricks than I do. I found a binder that I wanted to use at Michael’s. It’s a six-ring binder. Now I understand that six-hole punches are things that exist, but just to warn you, the one I bought Michael’s was NOT the right size, despite it being the same brand as my binder. I think that brand must have multiple sizes of binders, and the punch does not indicate which size binder it works for. The answer is “not the A5 size binder.” So I ended up using a single hole punch, using one of the plastic dividers that comes with the binder as a template, and punching each hole manually. It was a DRAG. I do not recommend it. Instead, I recommend finding a three-ring binder. It’s just SO much easier to find an appropriate hole puncher. As for the divider pages, I printed them on letter-sized paper, cut them out, and used (once again) the plastic dividers as a template for cutting tabs into them. I have made your life easier by showing you where to cut.

So what I’m including below are two things:
1. The PDF file of exactly what I used, minus my name and email address. Use your own. Obvs.
2. The Pages file for the planner, in case you want to make edits. You may not want to track all of the same things I do, for instance.
3. The PDF file of the monthly dividers.

You may need to download fonts for this. I used a font called Beautiful People for the more script-y font, and one called Didot for the serif one.

Y’all enjoy! And leave me comments if you have any questions.

  1. Planner PDF
  2. Planner Pages file
  3. Dividers PDF

TL;DR- I made a planner for 2020, and I’m giving you the files! Read back through the post for details on how to make it work for you.

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